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Your talented team of college admissions counselors

When you team up with Stratus Prep for your college admissions application, you’re bringing on a group of experts who can guide you through every phase of the admissions process. Each member of our admissions counseling team has graduated from a top college program, has an MA or PhD, and has at least two years of admissions experience. And they are committed completely to finding the college that best fits your profile, the school where you can succeed. In fact, as we like to say, “We’re all in.” Sign up for a free evaluation and see how a team is better than one.

Talk with an admissions specialist:

Laurie Martin

Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Consulting at Stratus

NYU’s Tisch School MA, Columbia BA

Laurie has ten years of experience in admissions consulting, including work at one of the country’s top college preparatory schools. She has her B.A. from Columbia and a master’s degree from NYU.  A former journalist and published author; Laurie is also a former All-American athlete who understands the most important aspects of the college process and how to get an edge on the competition.


Stratus Prep College Admissions Counselor

Brandeis PhD, Cornell MA, Brooklyn College BA

Milton has been a professor and a dean for more than 30 years at both Brandeis and Boston University. He is currently a writing consultant to graduate students at Harvard; he also works with graduate students who are having problems finishing their PhD dissertations.

Milton’s experience, in addition to critical literary essays, includes college and graduate school applications [in both professional and academic areas].



Stratus Prep College Admissions Counselor

Stanford MBA, Stanford BA

Dione is an accomplished marketing and communications professional who has worked with a diverse range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 in the US, Europe and Asia.

Following graduation from Stanford University, Dione held positions in communications, forecasting and project management with Chevron and Pacific Bell. Four years later, she returned to Stanford to obtain an MBA degree. Following graduation from Stanford, Dione joined Sun Microsystems, where she held roles in business consulting, international channel management, field communications and headed marketing in the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean regions.

A first-generation college graduate, Dione has long been passionate about identifying what distinguishes a competitive applicant from one who is compelling. Dione has served on as an admissions reader and member of the minority admissions advisory committee at Stanford.


Stratus Prep College Admissions Counselor

UPenn BS, Cornell MPA, Yale MBA

D’André has quite an impressive education background. He received an MBA from Yale, an MPA from Cornell, and a BS from University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. He is an equity-minded professional with experience in both public private sectors. He’s worked on corporate strategy projects at Citigroup, anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention at American Express, and urban planning projects with the City of Ithaca and NYC Cornell Tech Campus.

D’André understand the nuances of degree selection and navigating dual degree. As an alumnus of a public policy program and business school, he also understands the decision making apparatus around selecting graduate programs not only in public affairs, but education, public health, social work, law, and business as well and the associated intersections therein.


Stratus Prep College Admissions Counselor

Columbia MA, Syracuse BA

Jennifer is an experienced consultant having worked in one of the top three management consulting firms for two years dealing with national clients in retail and financial sectors. She happily shifted into the education industry ten years ago, working on policy, teaching and consulting in college and graduate admissions. She has logged over 7 years in the classroom–writing curriculum and providing professional development. She has also worked with prospective NCAA athletes in the areas of academics as well as compliance for top Division I programs.

Kevin T

Stratus Prep College Admissions Counselor

Grinnell BA and Global Development Studies

Kevin admissions background involves serving as an Admissions Counselor for the University of California, Berkeley and its Masters of Information and Data Science program, recruiting the best and brightest Analysts, Programmers, and Analytics professionals. This experience and his time working in the Office of Communications at Grinnell College has helped him gain an insider’s perspective as to how prestigious academic institutions market themselves, recruit students, and who they seek to admit.

This insight along with three years of experience in College Consulting work, both domestically and abroad, has helped Kevin understand an important fact: that prestigious academic institutions have a large pool of qualified applicants, but actively need and seek individuals with distinct and diverse perspectives and skill sets. He views it as his role to help students craft an application with a distinct voice and profile, which helps top academic institutions understand their true value.