Stratus Prep’s 35 Favorite Celebrity Ivy League College Alums

Many of your favorite celebrities are not only famous, but have brains too. There are plenty celebrities who not only are smart, but attended some of the distinguished universities in the country.
  1. Conan O’Brien, Harvard
  2. Julia Stiles, Columbia
  3. Mindy Kaling, Dartmouth
  4. Angela Bassett, Yale
  5. Emma Watson, Brown
  6. Kate McKinnon, Columbia
  7. Hill Harper, Brown
  8. John Legend, UPENN
  9. David Duchovny, Princeton
  10. Aisha Tyler, Dartmouth
  11. Jane Lynch, Cornell
  12. Paul Newman, Yale
  13. Rachel Dratch, Dartmouth
  14. Candace Bergen, UPENN
  15. Tommy Lee Jones, Harvard
  16. Ellie Kemper, Princeton
  17. Whitney Cummings, UPENN
  18. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Columbia
  19. Tatiyana Ali, Harvard
  20. BJ Novak, Harvard
  21. Connie Britton, Dartmouth
  22. Rivers Cuomo, Harvard
  23. Jenny Slate, Columbia
  24. Rashida Jones, Harvard
  25. John Krasinski, Brown
  26. Julie Bowen, Brown
  27. Tracee Ellis Ross, Brown
  28. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Columbia
  29. Amanda Peet, Columbia
  30. Brian Hallisay, Cornell
  31. Wentworth Miller, Princeton
  32. Brooke Shields, Princeton
  33. Elizabeth Banks, UPENN
  34. Jordana Brewster, Yale
  35. Allison Williams, Yale
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