Team Concept

“We’re all in” are words that define our approach to college admissions. They ensure we’re all working together in your best interest to get you into the college that’s right for you. With Stratus Prep, you have a team of experts on your side to guide you through every phase of the admissions process. Sign up for a free evaluation and see how a team is better than an individual.
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How the Team Concept Works

Your Stratus Prep team consists of 5 members plus you.

Each team member has an expertise in a specific area. The Primary Consultant is an Ivy League graduate with a Master’s degree or PhD. Collectively, your team has a combined 72 years helping students like you get into college.


Your primary consultant is matched with you based on your profile. They provide you with expert guidance throughout the entire college process. The work side-by-side with you through the pre application, application and post application stage of the college process. They are there to help you find the college that best fits your profile, the school where you can succeed!


Your senior strategist has a minimum of 5 years admissions experience. Once you and your primary consultant have gotten each essay to the 3rd draft–it is sent to the senior strategist for review. Your senior strategist reviews your common application essay and each of your school specific essays and provided high level feedback within each essay. You will receive a neutral read of your work–what is essentially a simulated adcom experience. This vital feedback provided by your senior strategist will be delivered to you and your primary consultant to incorporate into the final draft of your essays.


Your secondary reviewer has a minimum of 2 years admissions experience and is often an alum of the schools to which you are applying. The secondary reviewer reviews both your common application essay and each of your school specific essays. This review also happens at the 3rd draft stage. Each of your essays will receive a review with tracked changes from a secondary reviewer. They provide you insight regarding the academic and cultural fit you’ve demonstrated in your essay for each program. You and your primary consultant will use this feedback to further ensure your essays are tailored to fit each of your target colleges.


Your qualified proofreader is a professional who edits your essays. The qualified proofreader edits your common application essay and school specific essays, once you have folded in your feedback from the prior two reviews. When you and your primary consultant feel each essay is ready to submit, then they will send it to the proofreader on your behalf. The proofreader will do a final read for flow, grammatical errors and typos. The turn-around on proofreading is 3 business days. The qualified proofreader ensures you have a polished final product by deadline and can press “submit” with confidence!


Your account manager is your personal touchstone throughout the process. Any questions you or your parents have along the way about the process or your service can be taken care of by your account manager. We know how difficult the application process can be, that’s why we’ve devoted an entire team member to simply ensuring all of your logistic and service needs are met!